thanks to their heavy accent i keep thinking ‘tuna in the brine’ is actually ‘tuna in the brain’

now im suddenly imagining the song as sung by musclebomber2021

its kind of amazing

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urinarytractinflection asked: Top 5 dictators?

  1. u
  2. u
  3. u
  4. h
  5. ?
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I want a robot knee

bleed for me baby

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melvanainchains asked: top 5 people that drink soda

  1. Me
  2. Shen Woo
  3. D-Fens
  4. Kano
  5. Mr. Brad Tries
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djnimrod asked: Top 5 Trustworthy Butchers?

  1. image
  2. image
  3. image
  4. image
  5. image
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i wanna do a top 5 thing too i guess!?

but i dunno how to add a link to my ask on my tumblr page so just click here

send me your questions and i may or may not answer them in the form of a list and with or without total sarcasm

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wait people DONT like walk like an egyptian? its the best choice.

miles above holy diver, at least.

hurr holy diver get it DIO sings it its the most popular song by DIO god damn I love jojo bro do you even…

this is an argument over a song that plays during a sequence that absolutely no one watches more than once

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